1990 Founded

1995 First mold tool

1997 First injection machine

2002 Move to a new location

2006 First extension of a hall

2014 Second extension of a hall

2017 New warehouse

The company has two directors who are also the owners. In addition to shared services, the company has two divisions, which complement each other. In the Tool-Making Division, tools are manufactured according to technical documentation and on the basis of drawings and plans while tests are implemented on manufactured piece and serial-produced tools in the Plastics Division. Since our establishment in 1990, our quality has enabled us to gain new customers and expand our business beyond national borders, mainly in the EU market. We have increased revenue and our number of employees, invested in the modernization of technologies and high-tech equipment, built our own production facilities and become an important supplier to major international concerns in the automotive industry.

The company IMAS always places great emphasis on corporate social responsibility as one of its key values. In particular, we pay a great deal of attention to the careers and personal development of our employees and their satisfaction, enabling them continuous formal or informal education. Since the company is aware that employees are the ones who contribute to the growth of the company, in 2008 we obtained the Family-Friendly Company Certificate, and from that year onwards, we have always ranked among the 101 top employers in the Slovenian Golden Thread project. The company also places great emphasis on future staff, with 11 holders of scholarships at various regular education levels, accounting for 17 percent of all our employees. We also cooperate with various secondary schools and faculties in the field of practical education of pupils and students, in both the mechanical and other fields.

Since its establishment, IMAS has cooperated actively with various organizations such as the regional Sežana Incubator, is a member of the Tool-Making Cluster Slovenia, and also cooperates with the University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and TECOS Tool Development Centre. Our company confirmed its success with the acquisition of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System business certificate in 2006, which is successfully renewed each year.
Our socially responsible relationship with the local and wider communities is especially expressed through various sponsorships and donations, both financially and materially, thereby assisting the communities in implementing various events, meetings and the like. In the area of environmental responsibility, the company actively cares for an orderly and clean environment through recycling and the separate collection of waste, and employee education regarding environmental protection, health and safety, and ensure the orderliness of the company and its surroundings, etc. Finally, the company also places a great deal of emphasis on environmentally-friendly investments in new technological equipment.